East and West Parry Sound

Victim Services

Vulnerable Persons Database

East and West Parry Sound Victim Services in partnership with other agencies has a vulnerable persons database. Designed to assist first responders and other agencies in the event a person could go missing or need support  during an emergency situation, the VPD provides key information to the people assisting your family member or person you care for to properly relate and relay information to them.


The Victim Quick Response Program gives victims a helping hand if their property is damaged as a result of a crime, application is required and funding is not guaranteed.


Victim Crisis Assistance Ontario, provides support to victims of crime and tragic circumstance. By providing immediate early intervention and emotional support. As well as meaningful follow ups and referrals to the victim and any family members or friends also affected by the tragic circumstance and/or crime. This is done by on site (such as hospital, police station, or home) crisis team response, as well as 24/7 crisis phone line services.

Safety Planning

Family Court Support

East and West Parry Sound Victim Services as well as our trusted community partners provide confidential Safety Planning for various situations: Custody, Harrasment, Relationship Abuse, and more. e-mail us for confidential support.

The Ministry of the Attourney Genral of Ontario provides family court support for people involved in the  family court system. Practical and emotional support are offered to help along the way. Read through our brochure and contact us for confidential assistance.