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Vulnerable Person Database

The purpose of the VPD is to provide vulnerable persons with a timely and appropriate assistance when there is reason to suspect that they may be at risk.

The database ensures that a broad range of relevant organizations can be mobilized quickly in order to best protect the vulnerable individuals.

The recorded information for the VPD will include:

Registrants name, address and phone number; any physical, cognitive or mental health problems; any needed life-sustaining treatment; essential medications; mobility concerns; and communication difficulties.

Who Qualifies for VPD?

  • Anyone who sees themselves, or a loved one as vulnerable in an emergency situation.

  • Vulnerable persons are individuals whose circumstances place them at an increased risk of harm, abuse, or exploitation.

  • These individuals may include:

           -Senior citizens

           -Persons with physical development or cognitive disabilities

           -Victims of crime or harm

           -Persons who may suffer a mental illness

When a VPD registrant is thought to be at risk, his or her personal information will be shared with relevant organizations enabling them to quickly respond and provide effective assistance to the registrant.

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