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Family Court Support

What can family court do for you?

The process of separation or divorce represents one of the most dangerous junctures in an abusive relationship, and this is often the same time that you will enter the family law system.

Whether you are involved in, or wish to enter the court system, this program can help you. 

Family Court Support Program can assist you by...

  • Assisting and supporting you through the court system, which includes obtaining correct paperwork, connection you to legal representatives, and assisting through the legal aid process.

  • supporting you while you execute and follow through with lawyers requests and/or judges orders.

  • Debriefing and discussing court outcomes, lawyer appointments and Family Law Information Centre meetings.

  • Communicate with local court house where charges have been laid against the alleged offender.

  • Accompany you to court, where appropriate.

  • Provide you with safety planning and referrals for risk assessments where appropriate and assisting with safety planning related to court matters.

  • Recording history of abuse for court documentation.

  • Referring you to specialized services in the community.

  • Enhancing your safety by reducing future violence potential.

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